ciNE65 Festival 2019: Film Screening at Punggol SAFRA


ciNE65 Festival 2019: Film Screening at Punggol SAFRA
Fri, 7 Jun
4.30pm to 6.30pm and 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Filmmaker Sanif Olek will be in attendance at 7.30pm for a short sharing session about his films Sama Sama and The Usual
Venue: SAFRA Punggol Atrium
Free admission, walk in. No registration required.

Join us for a screening of a variety of short films curated around the themes of home, community and being Singaporean. This programme features a selection of award-winners and commissioned films from earlier ciNE65 editions, as well as Favourite Films from ciNE65 MMA2019, that will delight audiences of all ages. Visitors may walk in at leisure to view this heart-warming selection of films, which will be played on a loop from 4.30pm to 6.30pm and 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

Vote for your Favourite Film, Favourite Actor, and Favourite Actress from this year's ciNE65 MMA 2019 at this link!

Singapura by Bertrand Lee / 2 min / Drama / 2014 / PG13

The film is set in 2015, in a hypothetical scenario that Singapore finally finds itself at war after 50 years of uninterrupted peace. A young soldier boy’s thoughts are captured, as he is about to charge into battle, towards enemy fire. He goes through a plethora of emotions, from fear, to reminiscence, to realization, and finally, courage in the face of death.

The Usual by Sanif Olek / 3 min / Drama / 2017 / PG13
The Usual revolves around Rosli, a Commando, and Uncle Siva, an Indian barber who played a part in Rosli’s career choice. Watch to see the transformation of Rosli from “boy to man” and how he desires to inspire the next generation of National Servicemen.

Sama Sama by Sanif Olek / 3 min / Drama / 2018 / PG13
Two professions, army servicemen and personal chauffeurs meet at the ubiquitous hawker centre. Their value systems are tested as one questions the validity of their respective presence. Yet, behind the veneer of conceptions, they share a common trait – a desire to serve selflessly. This value stems from the pride in upholding the traditions of these professions.

Ang Ku Kueh by Chong Yu Lun / 3 min / Drama / 2017 / PG13
A fresh recruit visits the optometrist to purchase glasses and improve his vision. Due to his eye deficiency, he lost hope and sees a dull future in his 2 years of army. He is in turn inspired by a little boy who looks up to him as a soldier and a hero.

Toy Soldiers by Mervyn Yap / 3 min / Drama / 2017 / PG13
A young man about to depart for National Service reminisces about the time he used to play with toy soldiers.

Going Away by Tariq Mansor / 3 min / Drama / 2013 / PG13
In this short film, a young lady struggles with a career-related decision and faces mixed reactions from her family members and friends on her decision to pursue an unconventional route in life.

Ang Teng Kee by JLRudy Chen / 3 min / Drama / 2017 / PG13
"Ang Teng Kee" is a Hokkien term which means Pink IC. This film is based on a story of a young soldier named Jenson, who thought he could get exempted from Basic Military Training (BMT) due to his fear of firearms. After meeting his Encik, Jenson overcomes his fear and receives his "Ang Teng Kee", signifying how he is now operationally ready to defend his home.

Priceless by Kenny Tan / 3 min / Drama / 2013 / PG13
A visit to the principal's office over an innocent dispute brings about an invaluable lesson on the significance of defending one's own and being there for what really matters.

$ingapura by Lan Yu / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
A slice of life piece that observes this society through a day in life of a driver. The driver, Ah Hock, is representative of a generation in Singapore who works mainly for survival and to provide a better living for their family.

My Homeland A Photography Project by Grandpa Chen by Jastine Tan / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
Max Chen returns to Singapore on a quest to capture one last photo for Grandpa Chen’s final photography project, “My Homeland”.

Rojak by Rebecca Jane Chu / 3 min / Drama / PG
Set in the wake of the government's implementation of the Ethnic Integration Policy in HDB estates, Rojak is the story of two children from different cultural backgrounds who share a love for a certain eclectic hawker dish.

Echoes of 1965 by Bonotan Faith Ann Biton / 3 min / Documentary / PG
In 1965, Singapore separated from Malaysia. Not knowing what the future held, the people had to figure out a way to work through their hardships. They reminisce about a Singapore we have never experienced, a Singapore that is so different from how it is today.

阿興薄餅 Heng’s Popiah by Sabrina Poon / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
A retiring hawker contemplates passing on his family recipe to a keen young neighbour, in hopes of the next generation to continue the legacy.

Battle-Field by Isaac Magnus @ Imran Magnus / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
Battle-Field is about a character’s love of sport which brings forth his strength for Singapore, highlighting the similar values between Rugby and The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

From You to Me (密切留忆) by Edmund Chew / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
An elderly lady wants to learn photography from her granddaughter who is a photographer. She hopes that through photography, she gets to capture the essence of the good old days with her husband at Singapore historical places.

Neighbour by Daniel Yam / 7 min / Drama / 2019 / PG13
An NSF, Siva, saves his neighbour Felix from a group of bullies. The kind act marked the start of a beautiful friendship. Over time, Siva moves out with his father, leaving a small gift for Felix. Years later, Felix, now an NSF, encounters a kid being attacked by bullies. Felix saves the kid and escorts him back home only to be greeted by a very special surprise.

About ciNE65
ciNE65 aims to capture our Singaporean identity through the lenses of local budding film-makers. Launched by Nexus in July 2011, the objective of ciNE65 is to strengthen Singaporeans’ sense of belonging to our country through short films. It encourages aspiring young film-makers to share what Singapore means to them via a short film. ciNE65 2019, will consist of four commissioned films, a short film competition “ciNE65 Movie Makers Awards” (ciNE65 MMA), film-making seminars and workshops and a film festival. Through ciNE65, Nexus hopes to harness the potential of short films to touch the hearts and minds of Singaporeans. More information on ciNE65 is available at https://cine65.sg/

Fri Jun 7, 2019
4:30 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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